Report on Vintage Reds Lunch Thursday 26th @ the RUC Turner

What a fantastic time!  I think the Penster said it best > “It was very pleasant – good food and company and a very pleasant setting.”

Eleven intrepid VRs enjoyed a very pleasant lunch & the RUC got 2 new members!

Saturday arvo was also interesting at the RUC.  It was pumping with the Canberra City Pipe & Drum Band performing & some strange function with some dressed to the 9’s, & some to the 0’s (we think ‘Pretty in Pink’ may have been a theme for some & the young bearded wonders looked a bit strange in the pink dresses!).  There also seemed to be a group sporting green attire!

Almost a bit  too interesting!

We hear that there are going to be a few changes to the menu, so we may consider the RUC again for March’s lunch.

Stay tuned for future details . . .

Dennis Gazlay