New useful information websites

Vintage Reds have long been concerned that the concentration of media ownership in Australia leads to overly conservative press.

Some time ago we started collecting websites that we found to be useful for gaining a more balanced view of issues of interest in Australia and the world in general.

A couple of good new sites have just been added to our list – 

A L Daily (Arts & Letters Daily) is a cornucopia of ideas, criticism, culture, history, disputes etc.  Short descriptions of a huge range of articles, opinion pieces and publications.  This site is gold (even if it can consume your entire day!).

Jubilee Australia began as a movement of ordinary people speaking out against the injustice of ‘third world’ debt. More than a decade later it remains a critical voice in Australia, and a dynamic member of the international movement for global justice.  They seem most active in relation to their ‘Voices of Bougainville’ report.

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