Report on Vintage Reds March Lunch

Fifteen stalwart comrades enjoyed a very pleasant lunch at the RUC in Turner on Monday the 30th.  This was an outstanding result with a few having to pull out in the last few days.

Also hearteningly 10 VRs used the website to RSVP!  A significant number of the others gave personal confirmation of attendances (due to the huge activist requirements over the last week, meant that we have seen one another often!).  This was fantastic and has shown that VRs are happy to use the website to ease coordination workload for promotions etc.

A real winner

Margaret Ryan was the lucky luncher to win a Dendy Premium movie voucher.  Margaret had RSVPed via the web site and so was given 2 tickets in the draw.  Future social lunch functions are expected to be exclusively via the website.

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Next lunch

Details for the next lunch are quite open for suggestions.  Anyone wanting to propose a lunch at another venue please make the suggestion and offer to organize the lunch.  If a bit of detail is provided (venue, menu etc) it can be transferred to the website for promotion.  So far discussion from the group suggests that it would be advisable to stay away from Thursdays & Fridays.  It was also suggested that venues with free parking nearby would be highly desirable.