April 2016 Guest Speaker, Humphrey McQueen

Vintage Red member Humphrey McQueen addressed our meeting with the question, “Can capitalism survive any crisis?”

2015-12_Jeremy_K_McQ.jpgHumphrey McQueen described himself as “a former freelance historian and old aged pensioner”. In addition to this modest self-appraisal, he is an activist and scholar in many fields including international and industrial relations, the media, politics and the visual arts.

Humphrey considered threats to capitalism  – from nuclear war; the “end of history”, that is, the end of a world run by the interests of a small group of Western countries; and climate change – before moving to crises in finance, housing, banking etc.

Photo: Jeremy Kirkwood

Those needing to read more of Humphrey should have a look at his work on the website: http://www.surplusvalue.org.au/McQueen/sitemap.htm