UnionsACT “We are Union” campaign

2016-4-19_Moira.jpgMoira Cully from UnionsACT spoke to the April Vintage Reds meeting to remind us that we will be gearing up for an ACT election (with eight more seats than last time) in October.

UnionsACT is up and ready, and on a campaign footing. Their vision for Canberra covers 6 points:

1. Strong and well-funded public services and emergency services;
2. Qweareunion.jpguality public hospitals and affordable healthcare;
3. Quality, well-sourced schools;
4. Secure jobs, rights at work and workplace safety;
5. Tackling inequality and ensuring fair taxation; and
6. Commitment to public ownership of public assets and services

There will be plenty of opportunities for volunteers in the five seats of Kurrajong, Ginninderra, Yerrabi, Brindabella and Murrumbidgee. Contact Moira, moiracully@unionsact.org.au.