Secret Army not so Secret

Well done to Jude Dodd, who scored a mention for the Vintage Reds in the Fairfax Press today!  Read about the foot soldiers in the campaign to throw the Liberal party out of government on the 2nd July…

That secret army’s not so secret anymore
   Jenna PriceCanberra Times, 23 May 2016

A couple of my kids got the call-up to serve.

Some of their friends. Some of the parents of their friends, older people as well as young. They were all being drafted into working for a secret army, an army to keep former prime minister Tony Abbott to one term.

Judging on the basis of that campaign – a combination of organising, talking, tweeting and Facebooking – the secret army won its first battle, ably assisted by their unnatural ground allies, the Federal Liberal Party.

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