July 2016 Guest Speaker, Sandra Mahlberg

Vintage Reds were very lucky to hear Sandra Mahlberg, the Chair of Rotary for the ACT and South-eastern NSW, speaking on the work done by Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children (ROMAC).

ROMAC operates an entirely volunteer network of medical and non-medical volunteers who transport sick children from countries in our neighbourhood, to Australia or New Zealand, where they receive medical treatment they would be unable to get at home.

Hundreds of children have been given a new and rosier future thanks to the work of this wonderful organization, and you can donate to them knowing that every cent goes to the work of giving a better life to a child.

Canberra Hospital has been a supporter of this project, and children including Santa and Juanitahave gone home healthy after being looked after here.  Most recently Charlie and his mother, from the Solomon Islands, arrived for surgery on his bowel.

Our photo shows Sandra pinning on her Vintage Reds badge.20160719_Sandra_Mahlberg.jpg