Build a Better Future campaign

The unions’ “Build a Better Future” campaign office, at 60 Monaro Street, Queanbeyan, is up and running. The campaign focuses on the following six points:

Photo by Jeremy Kirkwood

  • Workers’ Rights – protect wages and conditions including penalty rates, and campaign for secure jobs;
  • Defend Medicare – no new fees to visit the doctor, and proper funding for hospitals;
  • Highest Quality Education – restore funding to schools and TAFE; no $100,000 university degrees;
  • Public ownership of public services – proper funding to make them work; and an end to privatisation which has brought job cuts and higher prices, and helped only the private companies involved;
  • A Secure Retirement – decent pensions and superannuation;
  • A Fair Go For All – support our industries in generating skilled jobs, make multinationals and the wealthy pay fair taxes.

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Queanbeyan Doorknock


As part of the ACTU’s marginal seats campaign, Saturday’s doorknock around Queanbeyan went off well, the Canberra Times‘s Clare Colley reporting that sixty people had showed up on a beautiful day to put on their “Build a Better Future” T-shirts and get to work.

Vintage Reds member Albert White, who lives in Queanbeyan, was quoted in the article; his well chosen words as reported below:

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