February 2017 Guest Speaker, Diana Abdul-Rahman

2017-2-20_Abdul-Rahman_ed.jpgDiana Abdul-Rahman OAM treated us to a very welcome and clarifying exposition on Islam. Diana is a Sunni Muslim, like the vast majority of Muslims worldwide (85% to 90%).   [PhotoJude Dodd]

The word Islam is connected to “salaam“, peace; it implies submission to the will of God. Islam, like Judaism and Christianity, recognises Abraham as its first prophet. Jesus (“peace be upon him”) is also seen as a prophet, like Mohamed. There is a whole chapter in the Koran called “Mariam” (“peace be upon her”), the mother of Jesus. Islam and Christianity share some expressions, such as “thanks be to god”. Islam is not named for a prophet, unlike Christianity and Buddhism.

The English word “religion” doesn’t translate well into Arabic; the approximate equivalent, “deen“, means “way of life” [ed. note: “religion” in English has no agreed etymology and the various explanations do not converge on a single theme. Current usage, though, relates to worship of the sacred]. Continue reading