August 2017 Guest Speaker, Lyndal Ryan

Lyndal Ryan, ACT secretary of United Voice, spoke to the Vintage Reds on the subject of penalty rates.


Service sector employers have failed many times to get rid of penalty rates, but failure has not stopped them trying. United Voice has been defending penalty rates cases for years.

The Productivity Commission has given employers more of a voice, and initially recommended stripping penalty rates everywhere. But there was concern expressed about the impact on doctors and nurses, ambulance staff etc., and employers had to pull back. The impact of changes is now felt by young, casualised staff in a few industries. UV has put the case about their need for family time, time off, etc. and this argument is understood by most people.

October 2015 Guest Speaker, Lyndal Ryan

Lyndal Ryan, ACT Secretary of United Voice, addressed the Vintage Reds October meeting, on the issue of “Penalty Rates”. 

United Voice represents workers in cleaning and security, childcare, aged care, higher education, hospitals and clubs, leisure and hotels. Its history goes back to the Watchmen, Caretakers & Cleaners’ Union of 1910, and more recently the Liquor, Hospitality & Miscellaneous Workers Union (LHMU or “Missos”), formed by amalgamation in 1992. So it’s celebrating a hundred years of looking after workers’ interests.